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Job Interview Training Centre is a full-service interview coaching and training company based in Edmonton, Alberta. We coach individuals at all career levels from students to high-level executives.

Providing the current market, lesser opportunities and high volume of competition at any job, we fully train and coach individuals to master the interview process and know all the tricks and right answers to impress the recruiter and get the job.

Standing out from all competition is a must nowadays, knowing what to say and how to say it can be the deciding factor in impressing the recruiter or having you disqualified from the interview process.

As leaders in the HR field, our team of professionals will train and coach you at every step of the interview process and assist you in getting the job of your dreams.

Clean Shaved
Correct Body Posture
Feel Of Confidence
Trimmed Haircut
Firm Handshake
Formal Dress
Warm Smile
Sparse Makeup
Mild or No Fragrance
White Long Sleeve Shirt
Hair recently cut & Styled Simple
Little or No Jewelry
Professional Suit


Getting trained by a professional is like getting all the correct answers before going to your exam

Job Interview

Packages & Services Job Interview Training Centre Offer To Their Clients

Job Interview is a one time life opportunity that you can’t miss. Before going for the interview have a strategy and know that you will be hired. Choose the best service or package that works for you.


There are many reasons, why you could be disqualified for any job, whether it is a lack of proper etiquette, lack of technical ability, poor communication skills or you are not qualified to do the job. Getting the job, requires an applicant to have a complete mastery over how the interview process works, questions that are asked, how to present a qualified answer for each & every single question.

We train all our customers to have an excellent understanding of everything, from making a good impression, to calling back the interviewer and follow up after their job interview. Answering an interview question is one thing, but understanding the job interview process & stand out from tens of candidates is an entirely different level of skill that all our clients gain.

Get the job of your dream today, don’t wait & miss the opportunity with the question “Did I make it” “Did I do anything wrong” “Will I get the job.”

Leave the interview with complete confidence that you’ve done it & your waiting for your job offer.

Job Interview

Job Interview Training Centre

  • Get trained by a certified interview strategist
  • 97% of our clients get hired on the first Interview

  • Impress the recruiter & get your dream job.

  • We are the largest training centre in Alberta


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For our interview training & coaching, we offer all of our clients a complete understanding of the interview process, all kind of questions that you’ll face in a real-life job interview & what answers works best & what other answers get you instantly disqualified.
1- We offer 1 on 1 job interview training and coaching for individuals at different career levels for best prices.
2- We also offer job training and coaching in a classroom environment with 10 people or less starting from $29.


Before going to your job interview, knowing that you will be competing with at least 10+ candidates, conduct a real-life job interview with a professional recruiter.
– Our mock interview is 60 minutes session, where you’ll be asked all types of questions (behavioral, situational, traditional & negative) for the first 40 min and then will show you your final score & provide you with a comprehensive feedback on all your answers & overall score.
– We’ll judge you from the first point of contact till our last question (subjectively & objectively).
– Know where you stand & go to your job interview with extreme confidence that you’ll get the job.

– Many of the recruiters nowadays that you’ll be meeting during the interview are more than one person or a panel of professionals. The primary purpose of the panel interview is to eliminate the subjectivity from the scoring process and get multiple perspectives from a group of people on whether the candidate is the right fit for the job.
– At our interview training centre, we provide our clients with a real life panel interview setting, were 2-3 of our HR professionals will scope all your answers & provide you with scoring and feedback from multiple perspectives.
– Be more confident when going to a panel interview and know the right answer to impress all the interviewers.


Here you can view our interview weekly blogs, which will include a lot of information on how the interview process works. In addition it will include a lot of tips and tricks to help you during an interview.


Job Interview Training Centre is the largest training centre in Alberta. Our team of professionals has tens of years of experience, conducting thousands of interviews with over 500 companies. Call to book your spot today & develop an interview strategy before going to any future job interviews. With a long lifetime strategy that you can utilize for the next upcoming years.

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Job Interview Training Centre

Main Location

9038 51 Ave NW, Suite 208
Edmonton, AB T6E 5X4

Second Location

Suite 2020, 10060 Jasper Ave
Edmonton, AB T5J 3R8

Third Location

5940 Macleod Trail SW #500
Calgary, AB T2H 2G4

Phone: (780) 666-4396
Email: info@jobinterviewtrainingcentre.ca
Web: https://www.jobinterviewtrainingcentre.ca

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