Okay whether you are fresh out of college, or just got an interview for your first professional job, it can be very scary. Professional job interviews are a lot different than any of your first jobs that you had while in high school This professional job that you have applied for can be the start of your career, so this interview is very critical for you. It’s hard not having a lot of experience with interviews because you don’t really know what to expect. Here in this post, we’ll try to explain what to expect, and how to nail your first professional interview and get yourself the job.
1.Learn about the company that you have the interview with. Interviewers will appreciate you when they see that you have educated yourself about the job position and company. It shows you care about the organization and not just about wage and the position you’re applying for.
2.Practice interviewing in front of friends or family. It’s very beneficial, even though it may seem funny, but it’s going to give you lots of confidence for the interview day.
3.Go over and prepare answers for expected interview questions, which will help increase confidence as well and not leave you thinking about an answer when asked a question.
4.Dress to impress (see other blog post on how to dress the day of an interview)
5.Be early
6.Make sure your resume is perfected to the best it can be. Bring extra copies of your resumes as well.
7.Be polite to the receptionist in the waiting room if there is one.
8.Turn off your cell phone.
9.Use a firm handshake when greeting and saying goodbye to the interviewer/interviewers.
10.Provide an eye contact the whole time during the interview.
11.Be aware of body language. It’s important to remember that communication isn’t always using just words. How we communicate with our body language shows a lot about our confidence, personality, and respect towards the interviewer and company.
12.Be calm and believe in yourself.
13.Take notes if necessary.
14.Be interested in what the interviewer is saying and never interrupt.
15.Don’t chew gum during or smoke before the interview.
16.Thank the receptionist and interviewer when leaving the interview.
17.Do a follow up 24 hours later and write a thank you letter. Even if you don’t get the job, ask what exactly can you focus on and improve in the future for this position. If the person they decide to hire doesn’t continue in the job, they might contact you in the future and give you the position.