Have you ever heard the phrase “dress for success” or “dress to impress”? Well in the case of dressing for an interview these phrases are very accurate. You need to dress the way you want to be (successful), as well as dressing in a way to portray yourself (impressive). Wearing appropriately not only shows respect for your potential new bosses and company, but it also shows you have respect for yourself. Many people panic the morning of the interview trying to decide what to wear. That’s why I’m here! After reading this blog post, you will be ready to dress successfully and tackle any type of interview you may encounter.
•You must dress in a professional way that is appropriate and matches the position you are applying for, which most probably means wearing a suit. Don’t ever try to dress down.
•The suit you are wearing needs to fit you properly and have a comfortable fit. “Suit” means wearing matching jacket and pants, having a dress shirt, tie, matching socks (black) and shoes. Having a dark suit, and a lighter colored shirt is usually the best option. Try to avoid flashy ties.
•Your hair needs to be neat, clean and conservative. Have freshly brushed teeth and don’t forget to spit out your gum. Also, avoid smoking right before an interview.
•You should wear a suit with pants or a skirt. When in doubt be more conservative.
•Interview suits should be comfortable and tailored to a proper fit so that you look and feel your best. If you are uncomfortable, you won’t feel like yourself. Suits should be simple and dark in color. Anything overly tight, bright, short and sheer should be prevented.
•With the suit wear a conservative blouse.
•Makeup and nail polish should be clean and flattering. Try to go with more natural shades that are similar to your skin tone.
•Keep jewelry and hair accessories to a minimum.
•Shoes should have a relatively low heal and be in a reasonably good condition. Don’t wear shoes with an open toe or back.
•Take a shower or bath in the morning of the interview. Don’t wear perfume because the smell can be overpowering.
•Have fresh breath, don’t smoke before the interview.
•Hair should be neat, clean and conservatively styled. Avoid clips, scrunchies or elastics because its color may not match your suit. Go for more of an up-do or pull hair into a low ponytail.